Happy end

Happy end is just an illusion… only exists in movies..


Waiting for the time

I’m sure all of us are waiting for a time when you’re planning something ahead. But yeh worst thing is none of use enjoy it for long enough as the time just is flying away and we don’t pay attention what every moment brings.

I had so many plans today and just couldn’t wait to all happen, as I was walking to the station reminded myself “hey you, enjoy even the walking to the station” and my mind just switched and started to relax πŸ™‚

Every moment counts don’t forget, maybe you meet someone, maybe you have a lot of fun and maybe it’s just you but the best thing to switch off your mind.

Where r we going to

Do we really know where our life is going to, what future holds for us or do we really need to worry about that?

I was reading Paulo Coelho today, the book of Like the flowing river. I almost know all of his creatures but this one made me feel so optimistic and give me a chance to know what is forgiveness and of course that everything happens for a reason. I really recommend it to a person who is facing a bad situation or who doesn’t know what decision should make.

Is so easy to give advice for other people but most of the cases we don’t even realise is happening in our life as well but we never know what could be the right decision to make or just accept any offer what life would give you. Is always like that, other people’s life is so easy but ours is sooo complicated.

What happens when your friend turn to you and say ‘hey I like this guy just don’t know how to get in touch with’, you would say ‘don’t miss the thing, don’t miss any chance to love someone and to be loved because one day you will wake up and realise you just missed’, and is so true, you should take your own advices even if you will look so silly but who cares, you always have 50-50 and you will always have no matter what happens after all, maybe they will laugh at you for a week and so?! Life goes on.. πŸ™‚ at least you know you’ve tried it. It was just an example:)

It could happen at your workplace, at you love life, at your friendships. The solution is the same only the situation could change. πŸ˜‰

What is the conclusion? Paulo Coelho knows something, experienced, good advisor (I’m a bit curious how happened in his life in real) but I just LOVE his writings. Most of the cases God is there, I assume he is a believer but aren’t we? We all believe in something we just call it different ways.


I’m just in the beginning of our divorce with my husband. Everything was so perfect, I loved him so much, I did care about him and now the only thing I feel is emptiness.

I was memorizing the first times of our relationship and I just don’t know how did we get here. The times we spent together, the things we did together it just disappeared.

It reminds me Napoleon’s poem to Josephine:

“I awake all filled with you. Your image and the intoxicating pleasures of last night, allow my senses no rest.
Sweet and matchless Josephine, how strangely you work upon my heart.
Are you angry with me? Are you unhappy? Are you upset?
My soul is broken with grief and my love for you forbids repose. But how can I rest any more, when I yield to the feeling that masters my inmost self, when I quaff from your lips and from your heart a scorching flame?
Yes! One night has taught me how far your portrait falls short of yourself!
You start at midday: in three hours I shall see you again.
Till then, a thousand kisses, mio dolce amor! but give me none back for they set my blood on fire.” (1795)

Son quotes :)

My son is 3 years old and so many times he just makes me smile and shocked in a meantime. Even today morning.

He woke up came to me and asked mommy I want some milk but as I was feeding our smallest gentleman I said go and get is yourself honey or just wait a bit, he said okay I’ll wait then, he just jumped into the bed next to me and watched a cartoon.

Some time later I was changing the diaper for his brother and asked him if he can give me the butt cream.. he replied without blinking, “mommy go and get it yourself”.

I was completely shocked and smiling inside how clever they are and their memory is just perfect.


What does it mean marriage? Please someone explain me. It means husband goes anywhere wife suppose to stay home? I do understand it needs compromises but woman have to give up everything? Why do we choose not to be alone with a person who we got to know and then everything turns out a full of s**t and realize what the hell do we do here in relationship where we are stay completely alone..